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Building up, Protecting and Passing On your wealth…

At the start of the 90's, and after 20 years of experience in one of the largest European Insurance and Banking groups, it was obvious to me that these large companies were organised around a "product pushing" approach and that the customer service had become secondary.

The background was one of mega-fusions, and the insurance, banking and fund management businesses were becoming one... Profit at all costs! The consequences of these mergers and acquisitions have been terribly damaging, not only for the men and women in those companies but especially for the customer.

The economic events of recent years only confirm this fact. Restructurings, rationalisations and point of sale closures are the management norm for large financial groups …

Consequences :

  • Depersonalisation of the service, organised turnover
  • Loss of expertise
  • Product opacity
  • Discontinuation of customer service

In addition, the legal, tax and financial aspects make things even more complex.

Legislations change at the whim of our politicians.

Only a true "independent specialist" can be sufficiently reactive, objective and show anticipation for its customers.

Unlike the big groups, I wanted to create a company focused on your needs. RGF has therefore been structured into departments within which we find veritable specialists in each branch of activity. RGF is a sum of skills made available to you.

The stability of its teams is paramount; it brings you continuity of service and advice. The role of the independent consultant is essential today. Our long-term vision is an indication of our transparency and the quality of our advice.

Our independence is the basis of our objectivity.

Raoul Gauthier
Managing Director

The objectivity of independence

Based on this observation, RGF chose independence to provide you with the best advice on building up, preserving and passing on your wealth.

RGF provides you with an analysis and an overall solution in a fully objective manner !

With RGF, you have a team of experienced specialists who are perfectly proficient in all market conditions. Having specific skills in tax, legal and financial matters, our consultants provide you with a guaranteed best choice, now and in the future.

Your situation and that of your company can change over time: change of job, birth, move/relocation, etc. ... It is by taking account of all of these factors that RGF makes the difference to respond positively to all requests, all situations and all changes.

RGF, your partner for Life !

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