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Wealth management and estate planning

How do you optimise and make the most of your savings? What solutions are there to make your estate profitable and tax exempt? How can you best organise your succession?

We have the answers to all of these questions. And more.

RGF Group, your independent brokers

Financial planning and estate transfer - RGF Group

Personalised financial planning

There’s no ideal blanket solution. This is where RGF Groups makes a difference. We analyse your personal and professional circumstances to offer you personalised estate planning solutions.

Why opt for insurance?

Insurance is without a doubt one of the most effective tools for financial and succession planning. It allows you to organise your succession backed by all tax and financial guarantees, whilst optimising your personal and professional circumstances.

Wealth management advice

Belgium or Luxembourg?

RGF Group, independent brokers, gives you access to the best solutions from insurance companies and fund managers all across Europe.

Because of its size, Belgium only offers a limited amount of possibilities when it comes to transferring your estate. As a result, we recommend looking for solutions elsewhere. RGF Group opens the doors for you to the biggest financial institutions in the world, with independent advice from your RGF Group partner.

Our estate planning specialists are at your service. Confidentiality guaranteed!

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